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    Grendha Bangles Wedge Sandals

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    Grendha Charm Bow Ankle Strap Sandals


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Grendha are one of the fastest growing brand for women’s footwear. They create trendy footwear of the finest quality and fuse the varying styles of fashion with the needs of a practical, dynamic, working woman in Brazil and the world beyond.

Contemporary, modern and casual, this is the aim of Grendha’s designs, especially created for optimistic, demanding, environmentally aware women. It is exuberance paired with the renowned versatility, femininity and convenience that summarises the concepts of the Grendha line.

The lightweight designs are perfect for every day to day life activities with the slick stylish finishes that add character to Grendha footwear. Fine details covering the footwear give quite an extravagant finish increasing the finesse factor of this brand’s range.

Grendha put quality first, paving the way to being one of the prime flip-flop designer companies. From such an area in the footwear industry, it is sometimes hard to expect anything of particularly good quality for the practical and summery flip-flop domain. However, Grendha step up and deliver excellent quality at modest prices for the fashion range that every girl needs a pair of when the summer is upon us.

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